Family Mission Statement!

“Lift up each family member and together help each other to become your best selves.”

Everyone, no matter how small, has a “valued, needed and important” role to play in family life.

“Wow, the world has taken a ‘tumble!”
Much of life as we all knew it has fallen down. While no one can do anything about that, everyone can continue moving forward with their own personal momentum to keep building it back up in new, different and even better ways.
As families work together to pick up their precious pieces, many find that the best of living has just begun.
“No worries, Hallie. Inside each and every home there are wonderful parents doing extraordinary things to help children like you grow up to be happy, healthy and strong.”
As it turns out, “The first and most important teachers are parents. Through what they do, say and how they act, they are busy all day long instilling in their children the highest values.”
One newest twist is that many parents now have extra time to spend with children. 
For some it is “Oh no! What do I do now?” 
Yet for others, “Wow! This is the best!
No matter which one applies, this unexpected period of extended contact is a “gift of a lifetime.” Do whatever you can to “open it carefully” and make the most of every minute in it!
Here is a suggested way to begin. Try your hand at a “Family Mission Statement” and work on it together. Acknowledge aspirations; set up goals; make your plans. Most of all support each other as you go. “Your family is the we of you!”
A house is not a home … but it can be.
Check in everyday with each other for ideas about enjoying your day.


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Sally Goldberg, Ph.D.
Parenting Specialist and Author
“Every child is entitled to the finest experiences, and every parent should know how to provide them. There is not a moment to waste!”

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