Eat Well… and Your Children Will Follow!

Cooking for Kids is a New Book by Alain Ducasse. Owner of 25 restaurants in nine countries, he is a person who is likely to have something valuable to say about food. An excellent review of his book appears in the February 22-23 issue of The Wall Street Journal. Here is an interesting quote from the article.

“His son prefers raw fish, vegetables, and 100% dark chocolate.”

He hopes that recipes in his book “will help parents steer their kids away from processed foods and toward the haute cuisine he thinks is healthier… Mr. Ducasse thinks that giving children a taste of healthy and natural food at a young age is an international issue that has been overlooked by the high-end culinary community… The world has other culinary problems, of course— such as starvation in the developing world— but ‘childhood obesity is still a big problem in civilized countries.”

Mr. Ducasse cautions, “You need to address the problem at a very young age so kids can grow up eating healthier.”

“His book includes food suggestions for infants, from age six months to 3.” However, he makes no bones about saying that adults will like his recipes too.

Here’s a tip from the article that I think you will like. “In most cultures children follow the way their parents eat.” As a way to validate this point, he says that his “5-year-old son is the rare child who doesn’t like french fries.”

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  1. Yes I agree with the author. It’s very true if you start children very early eating delicious healthy food together they love it!
    I used to sit my children on my lap when they were babies and we would eat salad and fruits together. Now they associate love with healthy food!
    Just like the author whose kid doesn’t like french fries 🙂
    Mine are one of the few that ask for salad and fruit for snacks!! I love it!
    As the saying goes it works if you work it!

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