Drugs During Nursing? Safe or Sorry

Here is the headline of an article by Ron Winslow that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on August 26, 2013.

Many Drugs Found Safe for Nursing Mothers

Here is some of the back-up information taken directly from that article.

“Breast-feeding mothers can take most prescription drugs without risking their babies’ health, though they should try to avoid certain painkillers, psychiatric drugs and herbal treatments, the American Academy of Pediatrics said in a report.”

“Similarly, most vaccines are safe for nursing mothers and for their babies, the statement said.”

“Most drugs don’t get into breast milk in clinically meaningful levels, the new report indicated. But use of several narcotics, including codeine, hydrocodone and oxycodone, is discouraged. Some antidepressants, antipsychotics and drugs to treat substance abuse are considered worrisome; others are acceptable.”

Very important is also to look at this kind of information from the exact opposite point of view. “What to do” in addition to “what not to do.”

Nursing a baby is all about supplying for your baby the very best nutrition available. From there the next logical step is to think about food in general and what is recommended to include as part of a high quality diet. Then, when it comes to medications, no matter what they are, the idea is to use them as sparingly as your doctor advices. That makes this question part of a much bigger and more important one and not just a black and white approach to drug inclusion.

See the words “discouraged” and “worrisome” in the last quoted paragraph. They make me think of Emily Oster’s article in the Wall Street Journal on August 9, 2013 called Take Back Your Pregnancy. I can’t help but refer you to our post about it called “Coffee, Wine and Your Pregnancy” that  was in “Parenting in the News” on August 15, 2013.


August! The Month of Dignity

Research studies are research studies and no more than that. They are done on specific populations at specific times and are looking for specific answers. People change, times change, and new information emerges all the time; but common sense will never go away! That is dignity!

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