Do Not Worry!!!

The January 29, 2014 article in the Arizona Republic titled “Parents learn to raise tots in a ‘selfie’ world” presents a view of concern over the barrage of photos that children now take of themselves and also that parents take of them. The big concern is the exposure to too much instant gratification for kids, especially for very young ones.

No need to worry!

Technology is, was, and always will be a gem of our society. Our great grandparents were careful to monitor the use of black and white television watching with their children. I am guessing that our great grandparents may have cautioned their children against listening to too many radio story hours. You know your parents cautioned you against watching too much colored TV and playing too many computer games on into the night.

Common Sense is the name of the game. Neither one of these two sentences was created recently.

“Too much of a good thing is no good.”

“Everything in moderation.”


January! The Month of the New Beginning

Here is another kind of old-time advice.

“There is no time like the present.”

Start your own rules today for enjoying all the new bells and whistles of today’s technology.

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