Dating with Difficulty!

Raising a child is hard.

Raising a child alone is harder.

Raising a child with autism alone is even harder.

Raising a child with autism alone and dating is hardest of all.

Hannah Brown discusses this issue in her new book If I Could Tell You about raising autistic children.

Dating is hard enough under normal circumstances, but Hannah explains in her book about the dilemma of meeting someone on a first date and having to tell him about your child with autism. If you use the word “autistic” to describe your child, you are probably doomed and just about assured of not getting asked for a second date. If you don’t use it, you are more than likely misrepresenting your situation. As a mother, you love your child more than anything else in the world and will go to any lengths for your child! As a man dating a mother of a child with a problem, no matter how much he likes the woman, he is likely to go to any lengths to avoid her in the future!

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