Cynthia O’Brien Helped Cynthia Goldberg

As we get ready to begin the New Year, “reflection” is the name of the game. Whether successes or failures, it is worthwhile to ponder how they all started!

Who remembers this?









Here is Cynthia Goldberg in July of 2013 getting ready to sign her new book at the Market Street Bookshop which is owned by Cynthia O’Brien. The bookshop is located in Mashpee Commons at 31 Market Street, Mashpee, MA.

Here is a page from that book showing Cynthia O’Brien with Cynthia Goldberg. It explains some of Cynthia Goldberg’s thoughts from that time.










None of this would mean much without knowing what Cynthia is up to today. She has notecards, poetry and prints that she sells; and she currently works as both an advocate and a presenter. Here she is now enjoying life where she lives in Mashpee, MA.

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