Cynthia Goldberg Makes the News!

Tale-of-Two-CynthiasCynthia Goldberg Makes the News! 

Our own expert Cynthia Goldberg, specialist in the field of special needs, made the front page of her local paper The Mashpee Enterprise on July 19th with this headline:

Creating Poetry, Art & A Life Of Her Own

The article describes Cynthia’s love of poetry and art and how she considers her life to now be in full bloom. It also tells about the book signing that took place the next day and highlights the fact that Cynthia had “created enough paintings and poems to self-publish a book this year.”

Here is Cynthia’s book as shown at the Market Street Bookshop in Mashpee Commons on Cape Cod (pictured on right) at her extremely well-attended book signing on July 20th.

That is wonderful news! Thank you Cynthia for working with us here on Parenting Tips with Dr. Sally.

August! The Month of Dignity

What better news about dignity could there be for August 1st? All about Cynthia’s accomplishment… being able to overcome challenges to create poetry, art, and a life of her own!

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  1. Melody Singer

    Cynthia, every time I hear the latest news about you I am so amazed and delighted with your projects and special creativity! I just wish I lived closer to you to be able to see for myself and spend time with you.
    Love and big hugs,
    Melody Singer

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