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Remember when you read this Q & A about what it is like to live on your own?

Living Independently

After sharing this information with us, Cynthia went on to create a blog. As part of her interest in reaching out to others, she decided to take what she wrote for us and turn it into an interactive format. If you have any questions for her about independent living or would like to hear some of her suggestions and guidance about it “right from the heart,” please do not hesitate to contact her… right on My Blog.


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  1. Sounds like you don’t take your days for granted, but have learned to enjoy every moment to the fullest. How do you keep your spirits up when life throws you a curve ball, Cynthia?

  2. Cynthia it is great that you learned to get over your fears by facing them. Change is about accepting situations and then making decisions about them. You are an inspiration, and I love your spirit. Keep believing in yourself.

  3. Hi Cynthia,

    I am very proud to introduce you and your new blog to so many others. You met Rosalind on our last trip to Florida. She met us in Barnes & Noble’s in Boca Raton and did some videotaping of you.

    You have not met Daseta yet, but I hope you will someday soon. She created a wonderful program in NYC called Sabree Education Services which she designed to help parents help their young children ages birth to three to thrive. She believes just like I do that teaching children when they are young lays the foundation for their later success in school and in life.

    See you soon again in Florida.

    Your mom Dr. Sally

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