Child Leashes: Good, Bad, or Neither?

Today’s article published on March 31, 2014 on is Child ‘leashes’: Are they helpful or humiliating? This is a black and white question posed to parents who live in a world of gray.

We learn from author A. Pawlowski that many parents use these helpful tools to protect their children from straying in noisy crowded places. This very practical idea also carries with it a negative connotation.

Some think this practice is like “treating (children) like four-legged creatures on a leash.”

“Katy Maher uses harnesses to keep her kids close when they go explore their Chicago neighborhood. The mom of 14-month-old twins lives on a very busy street in Chicago, so she recently started using harnesses when she’s on her own and the family wants to venture outside. The knowledge that the kids can’t stray far away from her provides peace of mind, she said.”

Katy shares– “I really love being able to just go outside and walk around and let them explore. So this gives us the freedom to do that and not be as stressful.”

Lucky for Katy that she has this kind of tool to help her with her kids.

Lucky for other parents who do not need this kind of safety measure.

Lucky for us all that parents know just what to do when it comes to the well-being of their children.

April! The Month for Volunteering

If you see another mom struggling for any reason, stop and ask if you can help.

Quote for today:

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”

~ Maya Angelou

American writer and entertainer… and very famous poet!

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