Being an At-home Dad the New Way!

With more women in the workplace, you will naturally find more men in the home-place. Here’s what the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday January 23rd had to say about this in their article titled,

“At-Home Dads Make Parenting More of a ‘Guy’ Thing.”

It seems there is no more ‘Mr. Mom.’ around. Not attempting to be substitute moms anymore, Dads at home are parenting a different way. Here are some of the new things they actually do:

  • “Take pride in letting their children take more risks on the playground”
  • “Jettison daily routines in favor of spontaneous adventures”
  • “Find shortcuts through projects and chores”

Using tools with kids and getting their children to help with home projects are other examples of changes they are making. Sound good or worrisome?

Good is the right answer. Rest assured that this turn of events is positive. People were designed to have a combination of both masculine and feminine influences on them. Therefore, this new revival of dad-time is definitely a step in the right direction!

Here’s an interesting observation!  Just as we saw “feminization in the workplace with more emphasis on such skills as empathy and listening,” we now have “masculinization of domestic tasks and routines.” Makes sense to me!

Fighting Violence!

What a way to end our sequence on fighting violence! Children model their parents. That is just the way it is. Having young children watch their dads use their strong energy in a positive way is excellent. Little boys will learn directly what to do with their strong energy, and little girls will have high expectations for what their future male partners should do. A strong and powerful yet responsible generation of future parents should now be in the works.



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