Back to School and Anxiety

As your child continues to adjust to the new school year, there will be all kinds of ups and downs. Included in your child’s excitement there is likely to be an element of fear. That is neither good nor bad; it is normal.

Here is what the experts advise:

  • Continue to provide reassurance. That is the exact kind of input that helps children get into the rhythm of the school day and realize that new challenges abound.
  • Monitor your own anxiety. “Kids have anxiety radar,” according to psychologist Robin Goodman. She cautions that because we are all under a lot of pressure and stress these days it is very easy for your children to pick up our vibes.
What will mean the most to your child is knowing that you are always there for him or her. It is a tough world out there, and your unconditional love will mean the world to your child.


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