Baby Food! Oh Dear!

Here is what Michael Hill tells us in the Arizona Republic on January 12, 2013.

“Baby food used to have an image of stable — and bland — as a jar of strained peas. And its target market was limited to, well… babies. No more. Old-school glass jars of applesauce are still around, but these days they share shelf space in the baby food aisle with curious (and often organic) combinations like zucchini, banana and amaranth (it’s a grain) packed in brightly colored pouches intended to be squished and slurped by consumers with little–and not so little–hands.”

As the baby food manufacturers glory in the fact that their new product now appeals to toddlers and even older children, the experts are beginning to worry. Just as nursing is recommended for the first 9 – 12 months, so is baby food. The idea is to introduce more solid food by that time. The real goal in childhood is growth and development. As you know, chewing, mouth muscle development, and especially the social graces of eating at a table in the company of others are important for toddlers and older children.

For a treat here in there, why not! Have fun and enjoy life. Almost everything is fine in moderation.What to do? Be careful!

Fighting Violence! 

Emphasize with your children the importance of sound health habits of all kinds. Life is both a gift and a responsibility. If we focus too much on treats and making food toy-like, we can foil our own efforts to help our children thrive and prepare in a meaningful way for their adult lives ahead.


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