Easy as 1, 2, 3!!!

The First Three Years!

What if that is what it takes to wipe out “Mass Murders!”

There are seven pieces of evidence that I collected over the years that tell this story. Here is the first! Before manufactured toys became the big business of today, wooden toys from Europe led the way. Here is one designed in the 1970’s by a Finnish (from Finland) manufacturer. It will open your eyes:

It is a rattle specifically designed to treat a baby as the masterful human being that he or she is. Babies are incredibly sharp and insightful. They need to know it all and right from the start! Here they learn what makes the exact noise that they hear.

A baby’s brain knows every trick of the trade. From the moment of birth it begins learning in every area and never stops. Of course, they can learn only what we as parents and others present.

“This fast-paced learning keeps taking place throughout the first three foundation years of life.

Learning continues after these years but never again at such a fast pace or in such a powerful way.

That is why we say, “Every child should have the finest experiences, and every parent should know how to provide them.” There is not a moment to waste.

There are two more toys that illustrate this concept and four books. I will tell you about these little by little, but most important is to start now to spread the word about the absolute musts for these precious first three years and how to make them happen for every little one born today. 

Back to “mass murders,” there is no way around it: Children growing up with the opportunity for a solid beginning of “nurturing, love, guidance, support, protection and education, exactly as described in the Carnegie Commission report of 1994,” have no choice but to develop into productive (not destructive) adults.

On the other hand, also as stated in that report, children without those basics “are at risk of a legacy of impairment.” The result is a devastation of “disconnection,” a true lack of bonding and attachment right from the start. There are varying degrees of this kind of abuse and neglect, and many or even most are not intentional. However, no matter the degree or how the pain and suffering are delivered, “disconnection” is the result and is what is now being targeted as a new major cause of mass murders today.

Violence is not new, but mass murders are. They are a clear reflection of a lack of nurturing and love during these first three years. We have to do everything in our power to alert and teach every parent about these dangers and also give them simple tools for daily parent-child connection. It is an absolute necessity! 

I will continue to keep you informed.

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