Advertising to Kids on Apps! Be Careful!

Have you heard about the terrible advertising that some makers of children’s Apps are doing?

As you know children today use Apps to play games on cell phones and ipads. However, you may not know that while right in the middle of playing a game and having fun, a child could find himself or herself faced with a sign that comes up asking for money.

One manufacturer asks the child to buy “gems” to save a virtual cat from dying. Another interrupts play with the necessity to buy more animals.

Even adults would not like to find themselves in these situations, but children should never have to be exposed to this kind of stress. That is unconscionable!

NOTE: Some valuable information can pop up too!


  1. Hi there!

    I am a main person behind the “Apps and Kids” studio developing the apps for kids. Just wanted to note that our studio has nothing to do with the title of this article and it is just a coincidence. Right, Sally?

    At the same time as a developer of apps for kids I totally agree that such type of “monetization” on kids is awful – we are strictly against such tricks.

    The only way I find a pop-up to be acceptable is in a “Lite” version of the app – which is intended just to show the app in action.

  2. Hi Ole,

    Thank you very much for your helpful comment. As you know the post name, of course, was not directed at you, but I am so glad you pointed out to me the possible misunderstanding it could have created for others. As you also know, I was not aware of your company, but now I am glad that I am.

    Appreciative of your positive comment and the work you do, you will now see a new title to my post and a note at the bottom that adds important information.

    With all the knowledge we have in our country about inappropriate TV advertising to children, this news makes an even more dramatic impression.

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