App-propriate or Not App-propriate, That is the Question!

Apps are making the news by the minute. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average smartphone user downloads about 37 apps a year. In addition, 36 billion apps are expected to be down-loaded world-wide this year. Believe it or not, many apps are designed especially for new parents and parents of young children.

Take note of what they can do:

For New parents

They can help you through the first few months of parenting by helping you keep track of

* feeding, changing, and sleep cycles

* administering medications

* remembering almost anything you want to remember, even baby moods

Downside: Your memory and maternal intuition could be at-risk.

For Parents of Young Children

They can help you educate your preschooler by giving your child apps to

* learn concepts like the alphabet, colors, shapes, and counting

* have fun by listening to animated stories

* be entertained by hearing simple songs

Downside: Hands-on, interactive experiences, which are known to be most effective for learning, could be at-risk.

Moral of the story: Use your apps wisely!

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