A Young Girl, Adult Lungs, and a Miricle!

A lawsuit and a court order is what it took to allow a young girl named Sarah Munraghan to live. Because of her parents’ tenacity Sarah was finally allowed to receive adult lungs to save her life.

As reported by NBC News a short time ago a brave girl named Sarah underwent more than six hours of surgery to receive two lobe transplants, and she is doing great! The pair of adult lungs were cut down to fit her small size. Here are the exact words of appreciation from Sarah’s family. “We are elated this day has come, but we also know our good news is another family’s tragedy,” they wrote. “That family made the decision to give Sarah the gift of life — and they are the true heroes today.”

Parenting Insight…

Parents are the only ones in the world who have that special power to go to any length for the well-being of their child.

June! The Month of the Dads

Be sure to say “thank you” to the dad in your life for every “extra mile” that he has traveled for you and your children. Parents don’t require thanks; but as you know, recognition is always appreciated.

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