Tip 53 – Reflect to your child his or her positive attributes.

Here is an activity called “You”niqueness.”. Write 7 one-word positives that best describe your child, one for each day of the week. Assign the major one to Sunday and number the rest accordingly. Then consult the list daily to see which quality to focus on that day. Here are some popular ones. Every child’s list will be unique.

  • Smart
  • Careful
  • Helpful
  • Creative
  • Talented
  • Fun
  • Thoughtful

Everyday enjoy watching your child grow in one special way.

Parenting Insight…

Each person is born into the world with uniqueness. It shows itself in every area of life—reading, writing, mathematics, science, art, music, drama, athletics, friendship, and more. As your child continues to grow, you will continue to notice new aspects of his or her individuality.


  1. Jenna Brennan

    Thank you for givinge hope! New ideas to motivate a sluggish, spiteful, lost 11yr boy who believes, since his father died suddenly, that all chores are my chores! Hope I can draw him out and maybe get a lie! Thx, Jenna.

  2. Hi Jenna,
    I am sooo glad you will find this positive kind of talk helpful. A whole day or week of bringing out positive qualities in your child can do wonders. Did see the tip with the rubber band on Monday Morning Coffee? It will quickly show you the theme of making the most of life as it is. What is over is over and what will be is unknown. There is also a wonderful tip about a cartoon with Charlie Brown in it. He missed catching a ball because he was worrying about all the fly balls he had missed in the past. Do what you can to build life for you and your son now. That is the most important life of all.

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