Welcome October! A Poem about Words

Parenting Insight…

Your baby understands you, long before talking begins!

Hearing those first words is one of life’s greatest pleasures. After that even more fun begins. You can ask your child questions and get real answers. Here is a little game to play in preparation for those very first conversations.

Play and Say

If your child can answer any of the questions, enjoy. If your baby is not ready yet, have fun as you  ‘”play and say” with words. 

The first three lines are for introduction. 

Hello, how are you?

What is your name?

How old are you?

The next five are for listening. 

Glad to meet you.

Yes, it’s true.

Let’s play a game that’s fun to do.

Listen to the words I choose.

Then tell me what it is you use.

The last five are for pleasant interactions.

What do you drink from?

What do you eat with?

What is the food on?

What do you like to play?

What do you like to say?

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