Welcome Spring! See You on March 20th

finger-paintingSpring Has Its Own Way to Shine*

Spring is here.
Let it sing with cheer!
The sun is like shining crystals each day of the year.

The sun is so bright from happy tears. Face your fears.
Never give up.
There is always time to give and care.

Spring is like having roses blooming everywhere.
Spring is the time to share with family and friends and people you love. Spring is to keep in mind all the time.

Spring is the time of year to cherish with friends and everyone.

Hear the bells ring
And hear the calls for flowers.
Spring is the time to sing.

Angels sing all of the year.
Birds in the sky fly up very high. Stars in the sky reach for success.

Go forward.
You can’t go back.

God has His own way to guide you through and all the way back.

With Angels you will always be loved.
God is there for everyone.

There is a little light of mine.

It’s there to lift my heart.

* Poetry and art by Cynthia Goldberg, as it appears in her new book A Tale of Two Cynthias, just published on March 1, 2014.


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