Welcome November! Time to Give Thanks

Welcome to Thanksgiving 2013


Thank you for coming and sharing our day.

Have hope and much peace and great joy flow your way.

And always remember the bounty of fall.

New life and new growth hold the key for us all.

Keep up with the changes and everything new.

Stay with your dreams and then watch them come true.


Great that you came for your holiday cheer.

It’s special to have you all gathered so near.

Value is grand for your thoughts everywhere.

It’s known that within us we each have a prayer.

No matter the words, every heart has it’s beat.

Give love to all others and then feel complete.


Please feel free to incorporate this poem into your Thanksgiving celebration… all month long! Use one line at a time, a few, half, or have your child learn each line little by little and maybe even perform it all at your holiday meal. As with any representation of creativity, use it your way and enjoy it to the fullest!


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