Welcome November! Inside and Out!

Here are some happy words about inside chores and outside fun.


My House

My house looks so nice. I’m proud to have chores.

I dust when I can and sweep all the floors.

I love the outside and help in the yard.

I always have fun. It’s not very hard.


My Neighborhood

We have a big park and go there to play.

I always find friends no matter what day.


The Chinese Touch! Because of the one-child policy that was in effect for a long time, Chinese children are taught from an early age to take responsibility. They know that a lot depends on them. Work hard and play well! Adults know to do that too. {I recently spent time in China. I will be sharing tips with you, over the next few weeks, based on what I saw and learned!}

Hurricane Support! Available as always. Please send in any question you may have to mainoffice@mommyperks.com.


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