Welcome June! The Month of the Dads

Just as we welcome every month with a poem, we are doing it this month with some unique and beautiful thoughts from Cynthia Goldberg about summer. Enjoy “Dream through the Stream” as it appears in Cynthia’s new poetry book called A Tale of Two Cynthia’s. Find out more about Cynthia and her unique and inspirational work on www.cynthiagoldberg.com.

Dream through the Stream

Dreams are wishes that things will come true. I wish it were fall.

That is not all.

I wish to hear bells with all of their ringing. I hear them call.

I hear them cheer.

Dreams let me be free to blossom with flowers that bloom.

They make me into a big flower that blooms with a boom.

They rid me of guilt.

I’m struck with how awesome it is

To open my door with a smile and go about my day

And then to follow my own pathway down all the different roads.


June! The Month of the Dads

Many a dad takes his kids out on fun outings to unique parks with picturesque scenes. Keep it up dads, on your special day and all month long.


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