Use Singing to Increase Vocabulary

Tip 87 – Use singing in a new and different way to help your child expand his or her vocabulary.

Singing is a wonderful way to help your child learn new words. In addition, with this new technique that is really fun to use, you can foster language development even more.

Give some of our old standby songs a brand new twist.

Here are some ideas:

  • Old Mac Donald Had a House, Car, Yard, etc.
  • The Great Big Spider
  • Drive, Drive, Drive Your Car

Make up other new songs like these as you think of them.

Parenting Insight…

R is for Read

S is for Sing

T is for Talk

Remember how important the “R, S, & T of Parenting” is for learning? Very important. While you are enjoying the simple process of singing with your child, you are stimulating language development and bonding. If you go ahead and sing in this new way, you are also adding more language skills and a whole bunch of creativity to the mix.

*Adapted from Make Your Own Preschool Games: A Personalized Play and Learn Program by Sally Goldberg, p. 197

November! The Month of Giving Thanks

Here are some interesting findings from another study about giving thanks. It comes to us directly from the article entitled Can Gratitude Change Your Life in the November 2013 North Edition of Arizona Health & Living. The author is Nassim Sana, counselor and certified life coach.

The basic level of happiness is set at a predetermined point, same as a certain weight that feels natural to the body, which it strives to maintain. If something bad happens to you during the day, your happiness can drop momentarily, but then it returns to its natural set-point. Likewise, if something positive happens to you, your level of happiness rises, and then it returns once again to your “happiness set-point.” A practice of gratitude raises your “happiness set-point” so that you can remain at a higher level of happiness, regardless of outside circumstances. p. 29

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  1. Love that RST!!
    I write songs and I use singing talking listening playing dancing and emphathy for teaching emotional intelligence !
    I love it! Works for reading too!
    Reading emphathy singing talking enthusiasm dancing(lol
    I tell parents to make up songs about everything !!
    potty training, leaving the playground, separations, sing …mommy always comes ! back etc

  2. With so many things to remember these days, RESTED is a great help. I love that it is a “restful” word as well. Thank you again for another one of your practical and usable ideas.

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