Understand, Forgive, and Teach!

Tip 44 – Be a model of understanding, forgiveness and teaching.

Because life is a learning process, accept misbehavior as mistaken behavior. From this perspective, understand, forgive and teach. Once you are able to approach your child’s behavior in this way, you both will be a lot happier. In time you will see your child benefit in many ways.

Here are the two main ones:

* Behavior – As you child becomes more aware of his or her own behavior, he or she will become more thoughtful about it at the same time.

*Inner Peace – The more your child experiences this kind of response, the more he or she will internally use this process.

Parenting Insight…

Believing in your child’s goodness and good intentions is a process that will provide him or her with the rewards of inner strength. It models for your child a way to understand, forgive and teach him or herself. This is a skill your child will be able to use and benefit from throughout life. That is excellent!

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