Turn Resistance into Persistence!

Tip 54 – Show your child how to find enjoyment in everyday activities.

Take turns naming a chore. For each one, tell something about the activity that is fun. Here are a few examples:

  • Sweeping

“I like using a dust pan.”

“I like my special broom.”

  • Buying fruit.

“I enjoy bagging apples.”

“I love choosing bananas.”

  • Picking up toys.

“It is fun sorting the cars.”

“It is great to dress the dolls.”

Parenting Insight…

Life will always be filled with daily tasks and responsibilities. Some will be routine, and others will be more interesting. However, all can turn into pleasure and a source of great pride.

“It is not what you do. It is how you do it!”

— Anonymous

“There’s nothing either bad or good. It’s thinking makes it so.”

— William Shakespeare

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