To have a friend, be a friend!

I like your hugs!

Tip 45 –Teach your child about the power of “I like.”

Talk to your child about using the words “I like” in different ways with friends.

  • I like your hat.
  • I like your house.
  • I like your dad.

The list is endless.

Not only will those words feel wonderful to the other child, they will feel great to your child as well. Explain how expressing thoughts like “I like…” will not only help his or her friend but that they will also serve to build a friendship.

On Valentine’s Day our society turns to love, the highest order of friendship. However, this day plays a huge role in guiding us positively all year long. That day is a major reminder to nurture positive feelings toward others. It is those same feelings that also bring positive feelings back. There is an old saying that says, “To have a friend, be a friend.”

Parenting Insight…

Norman Vincent Peale reported in his book The Power of Positive Thinking that when a group of high school students were polled on the question of what they most desired, the overwhelming majority said that they wanted to be popular. Most high school students today would tell you the same thing. This same drive starts with children. It is human to want to be well thought of, to be highly regarded, and to have the affection of others. “He likes me,” says the child of his dog, cat, or bird. That is a special kind of reassurance that feels terrific.

“The longing to be liked, to be held in esteem, to be a sought-after person is fundamental in us.” Peale, p. 176, The Power of Positive Thinking.

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