The Mind, Body, & Spirit of Parenting!

Parenting Insight... It is easy to misinform children about the road to success. One word seems to rule–learning. While it is true that academic achievement in the school environment is every parent’s dream, and a worthwhile goal, it represents only one third of the full picture.

Tip 31 – Teach your child about the mind, body, and spirit trio.

In addition to learning, there are two more paths that make the road to success the triple-lane highway it was meant to be–healthy living and and spiritual awareness.

  •   Healthy living: Don’t forget to plan a healthy routine daily.

Have regular balanced meals, a special time set aside for exercise or a sport, and a regular schedule for a full night’s sleep.

  • Spiritual awareness: Remember to include spiritual time.

Set aside some time each day for true rest. Set up an atmosphere of calm music with no activity. Encourage your child to lie down, think about the day, and get in touch with his inner feelings, messages, and guidance.

Combine these three paths–learning, healthy living, and spiritual awareness, and you will create for your child a safe and durable highway for getting to the exact right destination in life.

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