Take a Break!

Tip 40 – Teach your child how to take a real good break!

First help your child identify a favorite spot, away from the action in your house and within some quiet pleasant surroundings. Everybody should have one of those places. Next the idea is to be silent and listen. Fifteen minutes should be the target time, but longer is fine too. Your child can even take a timer in the beginning just to get used to the idea.

In time this activity should result in pleasant relaxation. This very calmness will allow your child to hear some inner voices. These are directions of guidance and harmony that are found deep inside the essence of one’s own private silence.

Here’s the fun part. Look at the letters in both words:

S I L E N T      L I S T E N

Parenting Insight… Sound easy? Probably not. However, once this kind of break becomes a reality, it is likely to become one of the highlights of your child’s day. Imagine being able to give your child such a pleasurable creative experience in such a simple inexpensive way!

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