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It is helpful to ponder the past, and important to plan for the future; but focusing on the present is the best of all. If you dwell for too long on old problems or disappointments, you are held back. Conversely, if you worry too much about the future and live in a world of “what ifs,” you can’t move forward.  In either case you will miss out on the opportunity to make the most of your time in the present.

rubber bandTip 14

Teach your child with love a fun way to stay focused.

Describe the image of a thick imaginary rubber band that surrounds and protects him or her. The idea is to wear it and live it each day with pride. While it is designed to stretch back so that you can think about past events and forward for future planning, too much time spent in either direction is detrimental and will cause the imaginary rubber band to break or stretch out of shape.

Another nice part about this elastic is that it also stretches to the sides. While it will keep your child appropriately focused on the present, it is also designed to encourage protective observation in every direction.

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