Tip 42 -Teach your child to relax from head to toe.

You may already know this exercise, but just in case… Here’s how to do it.

Ask your child to lie down. Feel free to lie down too. Then begin! From the top down say different parts of the body; and as you say each one, tell it to relax. This is a sample list of directions:

Relax your hair.

Relax your head.

Relax your shoulders.

Relax your chest.

Relax your tummy.

Relax your arms.

Relax your hands.

Relax your thighs.

Relax your legs.

Relax your feet.

You can add any others if you wish.  Remind your child to consciously relax each part as you say it.

Parenting Insight…

With as hectic as life can be these days, peaceful balance is a must. Once you teach your child this basic relaxation technique, he or she will be able to use it throughout life.

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