Re-direct and Re-focus

Tip 55 – Re-direct your child to stay in the moment.

If you see misbehavior or other kinds of distractions, re-direct your child back to the original activity. Do it either by what you say or by physically moving your child. Whenever necessary, help your child re-focus.

Parenting Insight…

Your child started out playing and was a master at it. He or she knew exactly what to play, when, and how to do it. In addition, your child was born knowing how to make others smile, laugh, and feel happy… again with no intention or effort and not following any rules. By reducing or eliminating distractions, staying in the moment is easier and more natural for your child than you may have thought.

“You put your whole self in. You put your whole self out. You put your whole self in and turn yourself about. That’s what its all about!”

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