Read, right from the start!

Reading My CarTip 90 – Read to your child as soon as he or she is born, even before (infant-toddler stage).

Everyone enjoys having someone read to them, even newborn babies. While they do not understand the text, they definitely hear the words and also enjoy the warmth and security of being held close.

When choosing board books for infants, look for ones with simple, brightly colored objects that are part of a child’s world… like stuffed animals, toys, and dolls. As your baby grows, it is good to include the language of poetry to involve him or her in the rhythm of language. An introduction to Mother Goose or other basic happy rhymes work well.

Parenting Insight…

For toddlers the trick is to find the right time and the right book. Look for short stories with simple plots that reflect your child’s own interests and/or surroundings. Once again, catchy rhythmic phrases are very appealing. Great pictures will enhance the experience.

January! The Month of the New Beginning

Read a new book; tell a new story; make some new food. Give a brand new twist to an old routine. Sometimes just a small change can make a very big difference in what you have been doing.


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