Portion Size and Eating Right!

Tip 94 – Use the fist as a way to understand soft food portion size.

Here are some popular whole grain serving sizes in adult terms and modified for children and babies:

* Rice – fistful (child or baby size)

* Pasta – fistful (child or baby size)

* Bread – 1/2 to 3/4 slice (less for a baby)

* Cold Cereal – 1/2 cup (1/4 cup child size or less for baby)

* Hot Cereal – 1/2 cup (1/4 cup child size or less for baby)

* Quinoa and Other Whole Grains – fistful (child or baby size)

For soft cooked veggies, the best guideline available is also fist size with child and baby modifications.

Many of today’s bread slices are about twice the size of the ones available when the Pyramid was first created. With the old size bread slices, one is still a serving.

Parenting Insight…

Using proper portion sizes, the old Pyramid remains a valuable eating guide.

February! The Month of the Heart

The heart and its beat. First it fills up with blood.Then it contracts (the beat) to squirt the blood along. When the heart contracts, it squeezes blood out to travel all around your body delivering nutrients to all cells. Squeeze your fist to get the idea. Your heart does this all day long, everyday, 24/7.



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