Portion Control Continued…

Tip 97 – For flat items like meat, fish or poultry, use the palm of your hand.

What a nice convenience nature provided! No matter what your size, your body lets you know what your appropriate portion is, and the same process works for your child.

Correct meat, fish and poultry servings are also measured in ounces. 4 oz are the norm for adults (smaller for children). We all know that when you go to a restaurant, the serving sizes are much larger.

Parenting Insight...

Food is very tied up with social graces. Your children learns quickly that eating is social and that accepting food from others is often rewarded. Given this societal difficulty, do what you can to teach your child well so that he or she can make informed decisions about what to accept… and of course, how much.

March! The Month of the Rainbow

Here are some novel thoughts about color and food.

1. Black is considered to be made up of all colors.

2. White is considered to be made up of the absence of colors.

3.  A very healthful food is black beans

4. Another very healthful food is a white egg (could be brown on the outside).

Both black and white are not rainbow colors, but both black and white foods have more nutrients in them and provide more body benefits than almost any of the other natural foods that are one color or another.



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