Pillar #1 Set up for Success! Part II

Tip 103 – Be foolproof as you guide and support your child each day.

Here are some ideas:

  • Avoid “yes or no” situations that could easily turn into “no” alternatives. For example, instead of asking your child if he or she is ready to get dressed, ask him or her which shirt he or she wants to wear.
  • Break up long blocks of time for your child with smaller segments. If you are going shopping for a long time, build breaks into your outing that will give you time to pay special attention to your child.
  • Design reading time by short intervals. Read a section and then comment on it. Then continue with the next section when and if your child is ready.

You can see from these examples how much influence you have over your child’s behavior. While a difficult situation can lead your child directly into misbehavior, an appropriate one can lead to success and even to an eventual compliment or reward.


Short and sweet!

That’s the name of the game for little ones. Be prepared to change activities.

Go with the flow!

That always works. When it comes to play, defer to your child. He or she is the master at that.

Last but not least…

Enjoy your child!

Once you do that, you are guaranteed in no uncertain terms that he or she will enjoy you.


June! The Month of the Dads

Have a wonderful rest of the month. Keep having dad fun for as long as you live!!!

~ Dr. Sally 


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