Making Sense of the Lottery!

Tip 60 Teach your child about the odds of winning.

Here is a fun way to help your child better understand lotteries, sweepstakes, and contests.

Get a pair of dice and then make up your own lottery game. One person throws the dice six times and then writes down on a piece of paper each of the numbers numbers he or she gets. Then the other person throws the same pair another six times, one for each of the first person’s six numbers. The idea is to see how many matches you can make. You can switch parts and play as many rounds as you like. Remember that in a real lottery situation, each number chosen is from 1 to 60.

Winning in our society has been made to look deceptively easy. The excitement of lotteries, sweepstakes and contests bombard children all the time. Even cereal boxes, soda caps, and yogurt containers appeal to unsuspecting children whenever they can.

Parenting Insight…

Luck plays a major role in life. It has a crazy bounce that comes from different people, different places, different things, and a multitude of unknown factors that impact us daily.

Imagine how many others may not have read this tip… and you did. How lucky is that!

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