Lucky Me!

Tip 56- Teach your child to feel positive.

Feeling content is basic. It also increases capability. Therefore, do whatever you can to help your child build positive energy. If you ever see it waning for one reason or another, there is a wonderful way to get it back–thought conditioners. These are short sentences that bring to mind positive feelings and confidence. Here are some examples of ones you can use and enjoy with your child:

  1. I learn well.
  2. I look nice.
  3. I work hard.

Parenting Insight…

There are many extensions to this activity. You can post one of these sentences on your child’s mirror or in some other prominent place. Your can also give one to your child to put in a place of choice. If you hand one to your child first thing in the morning, he or she can have it to refer to as needed throughout the day.

The Chinese Touch! Are you upset? Did something go wrong? Not to worry. As you focus on what you have, you will soon see that your problem is small and that your blessings are many. That makes good sense! {I recently spent time in China. I will be sharing tips with you, over the next few weeks, based on what I saw and learned!}

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