Listen Carefully!

Tip 84 – Practice memory skills by telling your child what happened to you and then by having your child tell you what happened to him or her.

Telling will be fun, but being able to tell back what you heard will be the “teaching lesson” and reward.

Sit together with your child in a quiet room in a quiet place. When you are ready start taking turns telling about something that happened to you during the day or about something that you have done. After you each take your turn, have the other person tell the story back. You can both feel free to make any additions or corrections to the story you heard. Feel free to exchange all kinds of daily experiences.

Parenting Insight…

People love to talk about what they have done, but few focus on being able to listen well enough to be able to tell it back. You and your child will delight when you show each other that you both listen and remember. This is a nice way to share experiences with one another.

*Adapted from Make Your Own Preschool Games: A Personalized Play and Learn Program by Sally Goldberg, p. 192


October! The Month of Positive Energy

Guidance from the Magic Words of Manners



Sometimes you’ll be invited

To play with your good friends.

Enjoy the special time you have

Before your visit ends.


Watch your friend as leader.

Take turns and also share.

Listen to directions

And abide by what is fair.


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  1. I had a feeling you would like this one. I developed this concept from the educational point of view, and I find it very interesting to know that this process is also directly related to helping people understand each other better. Thank you very much for your insightful contribution.

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