January! 5 Tips to Savor All Year

Tips for a Happy Healthy New Year with Children

  • Include your children as partners in your family decision-making as much as is possible and appropriate.
  • Begin a family exercise program.  Design one for each member individually and then make some time for a combined effort.
  • Take control of daily eating. Instill in your children an understanding of natural food as a way of life and make it a goal to continue to eat nutritious foods all through the year.
  • Set up sleep schedules for everyone in your family. Have a fixed bedtime for each child and be sure to include winding down time to start.
  • Celebrate the holidays in new, personal, and creative ways.  Set up a craft table all stocked with paper, crayons, scissors, markers, etc. to make holiday decorations for the different holidays as they come up.

January! The Month of the New Beginning



  1. Hi Kelly,

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Yes, there is a lot of long-winded advice out there. I am glad what I have to say comes across as short, sweet, and to the point.

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