Holidays, Passions, and Warm, Happy Feelings!

Tip 59 – Help your child become aware of warm, happy, feelings.

Do you have a passion like art, music, theater, writing, or something else that you highly value? If so, discuss it with your it with your child and share it in any way you like. Let those feelings flow!

Parenting Insight… 

Feelings are a near and dear part of our lives. While many are unclear, inconsistent, or difficult to express, they are all meaningful, valuable, and important!

Tradition! Nothing like a trip to China to wake up the idea of tradition. Red is their traditional holiday color. 9 is their lucky number. Even the land they live on gives them amazing strength. As you go through this holiday season, honor your special family members by passing down to your children recipes of old, unique crafts, or whatever it is that gives you that great holiday feeling from your past.

Holiday Gift Idea! Parenting Tips with Dr. Sally by Email. Send a subscription to a friend or relative. Just drop me a note at and let me know who you would like to have it sent to and any special note or holiday greeting you would like to add. Be sure to include the e-mail address of your friend or relative.


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