Give your child attention… and beware!

Parenting Insight…

I know you give your child a lot of attention and that you make a conscious effort to do it. However, believe it or not, many times you might not be paying as much attention as you think.

Beware of the cell phone, TV, computer, ipad, ipod, and more! They are out there just waiting to steal you away from your child at a moment’s notice… and without your realizing it.

Tip 22

Be as prepared as you can for providing alternative kinds of attention.

Since everyone needs attention, figure out as many meaningful ways as you can to keep your child in the loop, happily engaged, and full of productive energy. Here are a couple of tried and tested techniques. You probably have your favorites.

  • Have special “telephone activities” available for those times when you are on the phone. Open-ended projects like clay and play dough, blocks, or pegs in a pegboard are great because you can participate in them as well, even while you are talking.
  • Have some version of a “child laptop” ready for your child for when those necessary computer tasks pop up and take your attention away from your child.

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