Encouragement: It Really Works!

Parenting Insight…

Remember Thomas Edison? Word has it that he had 200 tries before he successfully figured out how to invent the light bulb. Each try was not independent of all the others. Each one was one more step in the right direction.

Tip 20

Encourage your child with love by recognizing gradual accomplishments. As you continue to point out to your child and acknowledge successes, even small ones, you provide encouragement. Here is how that works:

You say to your child something like, “You ate a lot of spinach.”

Immediately, upon hearing your comment, your child is more aware of what he or she has done. The first effect is inner praise, something like “Good for me.” The next result is something like eating more spinach.

After you notice your child eating more spinach, you might say something like, “You look happy eating spinach.”

The next effect might be something like eating more spinach or maybe even trying another vegetable. The more small steps you notice, the more likely you are to see your child willingly and happily moving in the right direction.

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