Do your best today!

Parenting Insight… Specific inputs of talent and effort are what are responsible for specific outcomes like winning a game, getting an A or 100 on a test, being chosen for a sport, and more. Sometimes expenditures of maximum energy will result in the hoped-for win; other times they will not. No matter what happens, it is the satisfaction of having “done your best” that has the capacity to feel like the real win.

Tip 29 – Teach your child that doing his or her best is the real meaning of winning.

Too often we focus on outcomes and communicate to a child that we want him or her to win, be the most popular, be the best student, or be the star of the team. Correct this thinking now. Explain to your child that you want him or her to be “the best that he or she can be.” The idea is to strive for 100% but not to be held accountable for achieving it.

Keep teaching, supporting, and telling your child that the key to success is “doing your best.” How others will respond, what the test score will be, or whether the ball becomes a hit, run, or out is the part that is out of his or her control.

“Do your best today” makes a great morning send off. That is more than an achievable goal with no down side. How nice is that!

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