Crafts and Your Child!

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Have fun as you introduce to your child the world of creating. The depth of concentration followed by the pleasure of creation are the joys of this amazing endeavor. Because of their open-ended nature, creative endeavors open doors that traditional activities cannot.

Tip 12

Give your child with love the gift of creativity.

using photos in learning

Make a home made place mat! (Click the photo to learn more)

Check out your kitchen, playroom, or any other storage area to collect your resources. You will be amazed about how many simple items you can find to use in new and different ways. Here are some possible starters–material scraps, wallpaper samples, ribbon, yarn, colored paper, wrapping tissue, extra family photos, and old store catalogs. Just add crayons, markers, white glue, double stick tape, and child-proof scissors; and you are set! Make your final stop at your recycle bin just to see what might be there.

Here are some popular projects you might want to try. You probably have your favorites.

  1. Fun collages
  2. Carnations out of tissues
  3. Boxes out of popsicle sticks
  4. Place mats out of colorful drawings that can be laminated
  5. Musical instruments out of plastic bottles filled with dried beans or rice
  6. Make-your-own books out of paper illustrating colors, letters, shapes and more
  7. A centerpiece out of household knick-knacks with added ribbons for holiday cheer

Once you start, it is sometimes hard to stop. Oh dear! Enjoy this special time together with your child.


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