Clear Thinking! More than a Worthwhile Goal

Tip 61 Encourage your child in his or her excitement.

To release and maintain the energy derived from excitement takes having and keeping a clear head. It takes doing anything and everything possible to prevent emotional problems from taking hold and sabotaging the energetic process.

Here is an enjoyable and effective way to help your child keep psychological hindrances away.  Make a set of index cards with one of these words on each card:

Happy     Sad     Silly     Angry     Fearful     Annoying     Thrilling     Disappointing

Then take turns picking a card and telling an incident that you think of when you hear the word. Listen carefully and react fully. This is the exact kind of information that you can use to help your child sort through troublesome thoughts and work toward clear thinking.

Parenting Insight… 

It is excitement that leads to effectiveness and efficiency. It fuels pure energy and gives the vitality necessary to pour yourself into the activities of daily living. When you have enough excitement, you get out of yourself and into a project, task, or experience with gusto!

The Fight Against Violence! 

Any kind of distractive thoughts can block successful functioning. Start as early as you can to troubleshoot emotional difficulties. Any and all of them have the potential block progress and grow into difficult or even dangerous behavior in later years.


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