Child Energy! Have Fun with It

Parenting Insight…

While it is nothing new to find out that your child has a lot of energy, it is new and wonderful  to know that there is a great way to teach him or her how to feel and direct it.

Tip 24

Teach your child a brand new way to channel energy.

Start by telling your child to lie down on a carpet or towel with arms straight down, palms up, and in a relaxed position. Then direct your child’s attention to have his or her hands up over head and his or her feet down on the ground tightly flexed. Then advise your child to feel the energy flow from the tips of his or her fingers to bottoms of his or her heels.

Here is the fun part. Talk to your child about his or her body like it is a race car, and teach him to drive it. Here’s how!

“Here you go!

Take your body up to 100 miles an hour.

Now down to zero.

Okay, rev up to 50.

Next all the way up to 100.

Down to zero. Up again to 50.”

For more fun and greater effectiveness, take your place side-by-side and enjoy some rides together.

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