Alphabet Time! The Good Old Fashioned Way

abcTip 78 Get out the old pencil, pen, marker or crayon and have some fun with letters the good old-fashioned way.

First we got used to thinking that all fun for children came in the form of brightly colored play-books from the store. Now we think that all good exercises come from computers and apps. Oh no! That is definitely not the case.

Make Your Own Treasure Hunt… for letters!

Write a simple sentence at the top of a plain piece of paper. Here are two suggested samples. No rules about these! Just a great opportunity to say something nice to your child.

  1. Isabelle, you look pretty today.
  2. Audrey, thank you for the necklace.

Next, turn your sentence of choice into a “letter hunt” with these kinds of directions.

  1. Isabelle, circle all the A’s.
  2. Audrey, circle all the E’s.
  3. Isabelle, circle all the I’s.
  4. Audrey, circle all the O’s.
  5. Isabelle, circle all the U’s.

Parenting Insight…

Now is the time to tailor this activity to what you think is best and most appropriate for your child. Here are some possibilities. There are many more. Ask your child to…

  • Write his or her special sentence with all the letters not in circles.
  • Name all the vowels.
  • Write three consonants.

*Adapted from Make Your Own Preschool Games: A Personalized Play and Learn Program by Sally Goldberg, p. 180

July! The Month of Freedom

Enjoy your freedom to create with your child. Even though computers and apps have lots of good ideas, so do you. Now it is your turn to get out the pencils, paper, and crayons… and “make-your-own” fun.

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