A Success Message!

Tip 38 – Teach your child to start each day with a successful feeling.

How? By making up a success sentence.

When? First thing in the morning.

Why? Because it is so important!

Talk to your child about thinking up pleasant and successful words related to the upcoming day. The idea is for your child to have a short sentence handy, ready to repeat at any time, for inner motivation and strength. Write it for or with your child. If he or she knows it from memory before leaving the house, that is the absolute best!

Here are some suggested choices.  Your child may have his or her own important one to create.

  • I will do great on my test.
  • I will play well with my friends
  • I will do all my reading.
  • I will help my teacher.
  • I will love my new clothes.

Parenting Insight…

Just as breakfast foods can provide basic nutrition for the day, morning time can provide basic confidence-building. While eating high quality food gives nutritional energy, a success sentence gives thought energy. This kind of energy has the power to foster school accomplishments all day long.

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