Welcome July!

Welcome July!

An exciting holiday comes to mind,

And that is

Independence Day.  

On July 4th, 1776

The United States of America became their own country.

We are a wonderful country

We are a free country.

We are a place where we

have the right, privilege, and responsibility

to be ourselves and truly become intelligent. 

Here is who we ARE and how we get our

Awesome Intelligence 

Academic and Emotional 

These are from Real experiences

In the First three to Five Years

So much happens that is often overlooked.

Those times are awesome!

That is how we come a big part of who we ARE

It’s the brain that we have and that no one can hack.

It is smart; it can lead and can keep us on track.

It’s our brains we can use to show what we know.

Like not to go places where we should not go.


  Awesome is us; we are clever and smart.

Awesome Intelligence starts on Baby’s first day and grows from there. It is formed most and best in the first five years of a child’s life by all the positive input parents and grandparents give. and some others too.

 How awesome is it that Academic Intelligence (the original A.I.) 

and Emotional Intelligence (E.I.)

come from the finest input in the early years.

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