Dr. Sally started giving tips called Monday Morning Coffee with Dr. Sally on Early Childhood News and Resources. Then because of the positive response she got, she decided to expand her concept to include a wider range of topics and information. Now she invites you to interact with her directly on Parenting Tips with Dr. Sally.


Before you head off to to enjoy today’s tips, you might want to take a look at some of Dr. Sally’s popular beginnings. Each of these tips is focused on confidence-building and helping your child believe in him or herself, and here they are!

Tip #1: Positive sense of self

Tip #2: Confidence

Tip #3: Capable

Tip #4: Behaving well and achieving

Tip #5: Challenges

A Special Message: Welcome June! A Poem about Inner Spirit

Tip #6: Self-encouragement

Tip #7: The future

Tip #8: Positive self-talk

And the tips continue right here on this blog Parenting Tips with Dr. Sally!